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No politics or investieren religion, politics and religion should not be chaturbate discussed unless it's in direct relation to aktien their verdienen market affect.
Respect fellow traders, theoretically, all members are at Forex Factory for verdienen the verdienen same purpose: the verdienen pursuit of trading profits.Nzdusd 9 Votes 31, usdjpy 14 Votes 48, eurjpy 17 weitere Votes 59, gbpjpy 17 Votes 59, euraud 7 Votes 24, audjpy 6 Votes 21, bookmark Thread.Politics and religion are among geld the most controversial topics in the world.Members who verdienen are focused on a rate product or service, or new members who mention a little-known website, are generally suspected to be company shills.Forex Factory is not the place for people with an geld extraordinary ability to detect conspiracies, or people who have the ability to predict the demise of a market, monetary system, government, bitcoin country, civilization, or the world itself.No personal agendas, verdienen forex Factory may not be used for personal agendas such as ego boosting, gaining attention, or exacting revenge. Not only does bickering distract others from trading, market but it wastes energy for the bickering participants.
Traders should only operate one Forex Factory username at a time.
This code is juli factory essential market to maintaining block a high-quality trading environment.Unresolvable personality conflicts verdienen should be managed using the 'Ignore' ( ) feature.Therefore, members should treat range each other like professional colleagues.Generally, countries should only be referred to in terms of economics or market impact, and investition with an unbiased financial tone.While market trading-related debate is encouraged, members should not engage in mindless arguing, battling, or trolling.Usernames brokers that are found to be duplicates are marked with the 'Additional Username' status, read and blocked from further posting.Poll Results, for which markets do you want screenshots?This includes products or services that are planned for the future.Focus on trading, forex Factory is focused investieren entirely on forex trading, and therefore the primary focus of every member should be trading.Members should never show hatred for or be derogatory toward a country or a race of people.The amount of trading-related sentences a member posts must far outweigh read the non-trading sentences. These abilities are not useful in trading, and serve as a distraction to traders who view the market from a professional standpoint.Generally, a member's political or religious affiliation should not be obvious from their posts.It goes far beyond simple IP address matching to ensure that no one is manipulating discussions with multiple users.